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Akawi Cheese 40oz.

Akawi Cheese 40oz.


Akawi cheese is a middle eastern cheese typically made in Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. It
originated a city of Palestine called Akka. Akawi cheese is a white cheese that has a mild, milky, and salty flavor. Akawi cheese has a springy and smooth bite somewhere between mozzarella cheese and feta cheese.


It is not as soft nor is it as moist as mozzarella and not as creamy or crumbly like feta. Akawi cheese is usually made with pasteurized cow’s milk but can be made with sheep or goat’s milk.
Akawi cheese is can be baked in or on cheeses pies, mixed with curd cheese and found in some of the best kanafah recipes or on a breakfast table cut into small bit size pieces even then it can be plated as is or lightly fried.

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